Stationery design

Stationery design

Bedaya provide corporate stationery designs for startups and established businesses. Stationery includes business cards, letterheads, envelopes, folders, booklets, compliments slips, bags, CD covers..etc, we offer competitive packages for branding .

Custom designed stationery like letterheads and envelopes is an integral part of your corporate identity and when properly executed they will clearly deliver your message to your customers. It is near includes everything a company supplies officially which represent its identity.

Every communication from your business must portray a consistent ‘look-and-feel’ in order to create a strong brand. Effective graphic design of your stationery is most important for the perfect ‘look-and-feel’, and that can make your business look more serious and credible.

Custom Stationery impact on business

Corporate Stationery designs is an important decision for any company to choose as it has a long time impact. It affects a lot of other business aspects like:-

  • Business stationery is very important because it not only identifies the business, but it is also an effective marketing tool. As a reliable tool, a company can benefit from its unique stationery on a very wide scale to attract new business opportunities.
  • Custom stationery show professionalism and most likely to attract new clients.
  • When networking with the clients or employees, the first thing to be noticed is remarkable and distinguished stationery.

Branding through your stationery design is a small thing that can boost your business in a way that you wouldn’t believe. The initial presentation of businesses to a potential client/customer is, in the majority of cases, through the provision of the business card or company stationery. It is common and normal of businesses to acquire the full package of proper branded business stationery items (which often consists of a business card, letterhead, compliment slip and envelope) and these are designed for one sole purpose: of advertising and selling the company concerned.

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