Copy write


A copyright is a protection given to any original literary, scientific and artistic works, such as books, brochures and other written works, conferences and musical compositions. Computer programs can also be copyrighted.

Holders of copyrights or neighboring rights can prohibit unauthorized copying, alteration, adaptation or translation of their work as well as its distribution or communication to the public (including publication on the Internet) without their authorization.

We can register copyright in applicable countries, where desired.

Ensuring that your copyright portfolio is well managed is an important part of your IP protection strategy

Copyright strategy

We can:

advise on ownership, infringement and fair use

secure the maximum return on copyright for as long as possible

help leverage copyright with third parties

We can advise on and draft documentation for copyright transactions, including:

Registration &Prosecution .

Litigation & enforcement.

Software development.

Film, TV and music production agreements

Acquisition and assignment.



  • A Power of Attorney legalized up to the Egyptian Consulate.
  • A copy from the passport/ID of the applicant and the agent.
  • Filing the respective form for registration purposes.
  • A certificate indicating the registration of the work of art in any other country and the registration data, if any.
  • An original and two copies of the work of art.

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